Meet the educated elite who never wore European clothing –


Fashion, as they say, is like eating; You don’t have to stick to the same list, but this is where this cultured elite of the Gold Coast era in Ghana’s history broke the cycle.

Moreover, Kubina Seki, who was a national attorney, dared to be different, sticking only to his traditional African attire throughout his life, even attending court proceedings in his choice of fashion.

A famous Pan African was also a politician and writer, and the last president of the Association for the Protection of the Right to Indigenous People of the Gold Coast (present-day Ghana).

He was, and may remain, the only intelligentsia in Africa who pledged never to wear European clothes again, and became the first lawyer in the British colony to appear in court with a traditional African cloth.

According to details on GhanaianMuseum on Twitter, Sekyi did not wear European costume again until his death in 1956.

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