MOH recruitment portal for nurses closes today; what next??

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Let me use this opportunity and for the benefit of all our colleagues answer few questions that has been coming to my DM from colleagues for everyone to also have clear view of what will happen after portal closes today.

After portal assessment, the various regional health directorate will refresh their system to get the data of all those who had the said Region and then they will start calling you or giving you messages to come to the regional health directorate of the Region you had and present the originals of the following for evidence:

1. Medical report having the Logo of the agency you chose on it(original copy)

2. Passport pic background as used during the application

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*Photocopy of the following;*

1. NMC certificate
2. Birth Certificate
3. NMC results slip
4. Front and back of *Auxillary Identification Number* (AIN) for certificate programs or *Personal Identification Number* (PIN) for degree and Diploma

These are the list you will send to the regional health directorate and they will give you a letter which contains any district that falls within the said Region you for the letter directing you to send to the *District Health Directorate* for further postin
It is at the District level that the *HR over there will further assign you to any Health Facility within that District
So those thinking Hospital or Health Facility will be picked at the regional level should take note
From the district level, you will report to the Health Facility to meet the Administrator or HR there for the next phase of your recruitment process will continue as he or she will consider your program and hand you over to the Nursing Manager/Manageress there for you to be assigned to the unit you belong to, there your recruitment process ends
The next phase will be processing of your salaries of which diploma has already gotten their staff IDs, then the certificate and Degree will therefore fill their IPPD /Entrants Forms for their staff IDs and Biometric.


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