Muslims join SDA church in worship


The relationship between Muslims and Christians in Ghana has made it a superlative narrative that Christians and Muslims cannot interact with each other beyond doctrinal differences.

Indeed, in some cases, the fabric of the African religion has seen elements of Islam and Christianity fuse into a distinct religious tradition.

In Puno district, some members of the Muslim community were praying with their Christian counterparts in the church despite their Ramadan activities.

At the Adventist Sunyani Penkwase Church (SDA), Muslims including Bono Regional Vice President, executives, and other members prayed with the congregation.

Vice President of Regional Imam Haji Baba Seydou Mahmoud said, in an interview with Adom News, that this is a step to strengthen the relationship between Muslims and Christians from mere tolerance to participation because they are both from one parent, Adam and Eve.

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He urged both Muslim and Christian communities to see each other as brothers because they all worship the same God.

He appealed to the authorities to missionary schools in the country to allow Muslim students to fast during Ramadan and also to perform all other duly authorized activities in schools.

He urged the government to ensure that all other issues affecting Muslims were addressed.

The pastor of Penkwase SDA Church, Pastor Adusei-Poku Agyei, said that the goal of the entire SDA Church is to promote interfaith dialogue and peaceful coexistence between Muslims of the two dominant religions in the country.

He said the church aims to bridge the gap and gain more lives for Jesus Christ.

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