My 2 white husbands abandoned me after impregnating me



In a video clip, a young woman screams about having children of two white men who left her. She was left to take care of the children.

In a viral video by Afrimax and shared on Instagram, the woman said she met the first man who was a contract worker on a construction site.

After his contract expired, he left for his country despite knowing that she was already pregnant.

According to the young lady, the only thing the Turkish man sent was the name of the child. While she was searching for how to save herself from her financial predicament, she met another man.

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The lady said she had to get close to a place to work. After the man tells her that there are no vacancies, he chooses to help her.

They both fell in love and she became pregnant again with another child. The happy man reported to his colleagues who said that marrying an African woman is against their rules.

The lady said that although the man wanted to be a part of the child’s life, he could not because his friends prevented him from doing so.


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