National Chief Imam commiserates with Jallo fraternity at Prang

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The nation’s president, Imam Sheikh Dr. Osman Noah Sharobutu

The National Grand Imam, Sheikh Osman Noho Sharaputu, sympathized with the family of the murdered cleric, Sheikh Aliyu Ahmad Maykano Kalamo and the entire Gallo brotherhood.

Sheikh Sharobutu also made a warm nod to support the grieving family on Saturday when he sent a special delegation to Prang, the base of the late Imam at his funeral on the third day, an important day for the deceased Muslims.

The main imam’s delegation presented 30 bags of rice and 2000 sidi Ghani to the family on behalf of Sheikh Sharobutu as his contribution to the funeral.

The bereaved family expressed their gratitude to the leader of the National Imam for this warm gesture.

Followers of the Tijaniya praised Sheikh Sharobutu’s gesture to the Gallo fraternity as a wonderful tribute to the young cleric and further initiatives and the promotion of peace.

Meanwhile, the Grand National Imam announced that he would hold the late cleric’s prayer in Accra on Tuesday.

Karma finds you easily when you break the heart that loved you truly

The late cleric, son of the late famous cleric, Sheikh Abdullah Maikano of Gallo of Fame in Prang, died on Wednesday, March 17th after being shot by unknown assailants.

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