Only a lady that has feelings for you will ask you these 5 questions


Romantic love is a very important goal for many people. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in love before or yet to fall in love. You might think of love as the pinnacle of romantic experiences, perhaps even the pinnacle of life experiences.

Falling in love with a special person can feel exciting. But over time, these feelings may settle into something that feels a little different. Contact is made, and the next feelings start to increase curiosity.

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1. Do you have a girlfriend?

Trust me you don’t want to answer in the normal yes/no way that men do when the question “Do you have a girlfriend?” pops. This is because a straight “yes” or “no” robs you of your chances, also puts the control of the relationship into the asker’s hands, it just generally makes things a lot less interesting.

2. Long-term goals

Long-term goals are ultimate objectives that are meant to be achieved through several smaller goals over a long period. Professionals often set long-term goals as a way to establish a clearer path of smaller goals and create avenues that lead to their success. A lady could ask you to discuss your long-term goals because she wants to know how they align with her’s.

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3. Source of income

Speaking Income is money or the equivalent value that an individual or business receives, usually in exchange for providing a good or service or through investing capital. Since Income is used to fund day-to-day expenditures and is often received in the form of wages or salary, she would like to know how safe she is with you, not just financially, also to make sure you are not into any dirty business.

4. Why arE you single

Some girls are like “Hey, are you single?” when they like you. This question can be flirty or honest, it depends on the context. Sometimes, however, it can be irritating and demanding, and so, you need to have a sarcastic or even witty reply to it. It is left for you to answer whichever way you want.

5. Why did you break up with your Ex-girlfriend?

So many relationships start with couples doing that lovey-dovey thing at the beginning but give them two years, everything crumbles like a pack of cards. Problems like intolerance sets in, they become selfish, they start to irritate each other, everything becomes boring. Then, when it’s finally over, they go looking for another partner and start the lovey-dovey circle thing again.


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