Petroleum Engineering Salaries in Ghana

Petroleum Engineering Salaries in Ghana



Petroleum Engineering Salaries in Ghana.

Petroleum engineering is one of the highest-paying engineering professions in history. This is mostly due to the fact that this job requires a great deal of you, both physically and intellectually, while working in remote locations and on typically long schedules. That is why it has remained at the top of the pay scale until now.

The exploration and production of oil is the focus of this branch of activity. Reservoir engineering, drilling, and production are some of the sub-disciplines. However, how much do petroleum engineers earn? What do they get paid per hour? Will it be worthwhile to attend college?

Petroleum Engineering Salary In Ghana


Petroleum Engineering Salaries in Ghana


Petroleum engineering, like a number of other engineering degrees, is regarded as a challenging course for many students to complete.

Is it, however, as difficult as everyone claims? It is true that this course has a high percentage of dropouts and is strongly reliant on math and physics.

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Petroleum Engineers in Ghana earn an average yearly pay of GHS10,240.00, with a monthly salary of 5,120 GHS. Salaries range from 2,720 GHS to 7,790 GHS (lowest to highest). These figures fluctuate depending on where and how the research/surveys were conducted; however, these wage examples and data can serve as good benchmarks for someone looking to pursue a career path that pays more than the average of other engineering branches.

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