Priscilla Baah, 35-year-old nurse, bleeds to death after delivery in Koforidua

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35-year-old nurse Priscilla Pah died of postpartum haemorrhage at Newland Hospital, a private health facility in Koforidua in the eastern region of Ghana.


According to a report by, the private hospital attempted to manage the condition until it worsened before being belatedly transferred to the Eastern Regional Hospital.

And, as always, the sudden demise of Priscilla shocked the nursing and midwifery fraternity.

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Several nurses and midwives in the provincial capital used her photos on their WhatsApp profile, expressing their shock at the nurse’s sudden death, which many described as cordial.

According to some doctors who have been spoken to about Priscilla’s death, the condition could have been better managed if she had been referred earlier because the regional hospital might have had the ability to manage the condition better.

The most important and sad aspect of the story is that Priscilla was married. She left behind three children, including a newborn.

For the purpose of education, postpartum haemorrhage (also called postpartum haemorrhage) occurs when a woman experiences heavy bleeding after childbirth.

According to health experts, it is a serious but rare condition in developed countries but very common in developing countries like Ghana. This usually occurs within a day of birth, but can happen up to 12 weeks after delivery. About 1 in 5 out of every 100 women who have a baby (1 to 5 percent) has PPH in Western countries

However, many pregnant women still die due to the negligence and inaction of midwives and doctors.

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