Prison: Another ex-convict drops bombshell [Audio]

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Another prison inmate implicated prison officers in helping convicts grow from bad to worse.

komi brain [pseudo name], who was in pretrial detention at Ho Central Prison, said in a media interview that the officers facilitate the illegal trade in inmates.


“Prison officers act as intermediaries and smuggle cell phones, marijuana and other illegal drugs into the cells,” he added.

He said what he believed were just stories were happening live while he was imprisoned because of his debt to his business partners.

“I saw prison officers trading with inmates and was shocked. They sell drugs to prisoners to make money.”

The convict is convinced that Ghana’s prisons, which will function as correctional and rehabilitation centres, instead of making prisoners hard criminals.

He cited how a prisoner persuaded him to go into the counterfeit coinage business if he was free to support his point of view.


Agia Komi said homosexuality among the inmates is real. Although they do their best to hide their actions in secrecy, they are often caught.

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He said other young prisoners who are relatively new to the yard are being persuaded to act as a form of security.

“These young guests enjoy full benefits and protection from their partners.

“But if he is caught in an act like me, he said the perpetrators are beaten until they are rescued by prison officers. I have watched this countless times.


He said the inmates are lucky that they only receive health care when their condition is critical. Headaches or colds are not given any attention.

“I saw inmates collapsing because the officers failed to take them to the hospital to receive medical care,” he stressed.

Some of the inmates, who manage to smuggle drugs into the cell, help others in need to avoid any death.

With only 21 days in Hua Central Prison, the former convict said he would not have survived if he was imprisoned.

“The judge was kind and released me after the police failed to present evidence against me, I don’t think I could have survived,” he said.


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