Residents scream as ATM machine dispenses water in viral video, causes stir


These are interesting times especially for a community where an automated teller machine (ATM) dispenses water

In a video that has gone viral, residents queue and rub their ATM cards against the machine after making a selection on the equipment
In one of the scenes, a female patronizer exclaimed surprise as water gushed out of the pipe after she had applied her ATM card
It is goal number 6 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to ensure people access clean and healthy water easily, but this is not the case in a community somewhere in Africa where people queue for this basic amenity in an unusual fashion.

In an emerging video, residents of a community get clean water through a dispensing ATM machine.
In the clip shared on Instagram by @saynaija, the interested water buyers approach the water dispensing ATM machine with their ATM cards.


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They then rub off the golden part of the ATM on a section of the machine after clicking a button on the automated device.
A lady couldn’t believe her eyes after completing the process as she screamed in awe.


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