Richard Agu promised me to use my money to sponsor him so that when he succeeds he can also help me finish school

The bliss of comfort

Comfort Bliss GH finally talked about the details of how it loaned the money to Richard Agu.

According to her, she used to own a noodle joint on the University of Cape Coast campus called the “Indomie Republic” and the food joint was one of the hottest foods at the time.

She said she was making hundreds of Sidis in profit on a daily basis – as a result, she was able to save a lot of money.

So when she started dating Richard Ago, he tells her that she must use her savings to help him during his military training.

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Even after his death, he could also earn a little something that in turn could also help her through the university.

I Cheated On Him Once and He Forgave Me. But The Real Trouble Was Yet To Come

Comfort said she saw a promise from Richard a good idea and that is why she willingly used her money to take care of him.

But after he finished, he only forgot to go to another woman.

Listen to the audio below:

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