School closes down for 3-day ‘prayers’ after ‘juju’ was spotted on compound

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Fear and panic shook Budi neighborhoods after the word “jojo” was seen in a basic school compound.

Sefwi Dokukrom D / A Elementary and Secondary School in Bodi is closed after a mystery bowl containing strange items is discovered in the school complex.

Inside the bowl was a red liquid that was suspected to be blood, two bird heads, a cola nut, palm oil, and seven colors of feathers, wrapped in a red cloth.

Jojo is seen in the school compound

Augustine Boa, of Adom News, who followed the reason for the lack of a class session, was informed that pupils and staff had been ordered to start in the three-day prayer section in their homes.

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A teacher at Dokukrom Primary School, Ayitoh Wisdom, explained to Adom News that this is the first time that such an incident has been recorded at the school.

Juju ‘was spotted at the school compound

He added that the school alerted the authorities and the principal, who performed some rituals, to avoid potential danger.

The town crier was sent to announce to the owner that he would take possession of him or else he would face the outcome.

Jojo is seen in the school compound


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