Security man walks away after armed robbers raid ATM at shopping mall [Watch]


Chaos was seen in a mall when some armed robbers stormed the building.

A security officer was caught in a surveillance camera as he gently walked away from his post, indifferent, after the three thieves carrying their rifles overran the store.

The video clip, which was circulated on social media, indicates that thieves tracked a security guard carrying a bag suspected of containing cash.

While on his way to the ATM point, one of the thieves pointed the pistol in the face, forcing the guard to drop the bag in fear.

The masked men snatched a packet from the backpack before throwing it across the hall.

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Security officer left indifferent moment with robbers takeover store (video)

Another security officer in the same spot slowly walked away without thinking twice about the moment he saw the robbers with their heavy weapons.

Watch the video below:

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