Shocking details emerge about policemen on bullion van escort

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Meet the police officer killed in the Jamestown bar heist
EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Meet the police officer killed in the Jamestown bar heist

A Ghanaian Police Service officer has made a shocking discovery about the operations of cops in an alloy escort vehicle.

The officer said they receive a meager weekly allowance along with insufficient weapons for the life-threatening job.

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The officer who spoke on Adom TV big agenda Showing on the condition of anonymity, he claimed that each member gets GH125.00 yen per week.

“This bullion wagon escort job is very life threatening and you have to be careful and take your security in your own hands because not enough measures have been taken,” he said.

The policeman, who explained that he has been in service for more than two decades, added that their weapons are another major challenge.

“Most of the time before you go for surgery you have to be careful about the weapon you choose because you may end up taking a weapon that might disappoint you in a difficult time.

“There are times when you will fire these weapons and you will not even fire them. We have written to the Bank of Ghana to at least make sure that the banks are using bulletproof vans but to no avail.”

The revelation came after a policeman and a witness were killed and another injured in an alloy wagon robbery in broad daylight around Corley Bow, on Monday.

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According to a witness, a police officer was providing security for the truck while the young woman only witnessed the accident in Addedinboe, near Jamestown.

After the men shot the policeman in the head, they took his rifle and smashed the car’s locks before taking an unspecified amount of money with them.


Meanwhile, security analyst at the Africa Center for Security and Intelligence Studies, Paul Boateng, who also spoke on the programme, warned that the issue could become worse in the coming days if the government does not act immediately.

I have said without time and number that we must disarm civilians, give policemen on such missions flak jackets and arm them properly.

“Why can’t we guarantee that these banks buy bulletproof vans? He cautioned that this is not the first time a policeman has been killed in this way and it could get worse by August if caution is not taken.”

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