Sleeping with your phone in bed? Here’s why this behaviour can affect your health

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woman sleeping on bed

Sleeping with your phone near you can be dangerous to your health.

It has been proven that smartphones emit dangerous radiation that leads to a change in the system of some self-regulating process, such as our biological clock or heart rhythm.

As a result, having our cell phone close to us while we sleep can lead to nightmares, inability to fall asleep, waking up multiple times in the night, etc.

Furthermore, sleeping too close to you can compromise your body’s functions and tend to limit the production of many important hormones essential to your regular routine.

As confirmed by the World Health Organization: electronic devices in general are harmful to the body because they produce toxic effects that can increase the chances of developing cancer.

Read on to find out some of the health effects of having your cell phone near you while you sleep:

  • It puts our health at risk due to the radiation emitted

Generally, mobile phones emit radiation due to the transmission signal around 900MHz. As a result, keeping cell phones close to the head for long periods of time can lead to headaches, muscle aches, and other complex health problems.

Although people tend to keep their phones close to them while they sleep for various reasons, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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  • It can prevent you from sleeping

LED screens, which include mobile phones, tablets, televisions and other gadgets, emit blue light; It is a type that studies have suggested hinders the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and disrupts our circadian rhythms.

Although the reason for this is not yet known, it may be because blue light emits wavelengths similar to daylight, which may trick our bodies into thinking it is daytime, at any time.

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