Soldier goes ahead to marry after ex-girlfriend threatened to disrupt wedding


The most talked about wedding in Ghana right now is the wedding of Richard Ago, a military man, and Benedicta, especially after all the drama about how he cheated on his 38K ex-girlfriend.

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Comfort Place, the groom’s ex-girlfriend, Richard Ago, has threatened to break into the wedding of his ex-girlfriend who claims she abandoned her after spending around £ 30,000 of her savings plus a loan of £ 8,000.

However, according to clips from the event and reports, a team of military men stormed the Church of St. John the Baptist in Obuasi where the wedding was taking place.

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It was reported that the military had cleared the area to prevent any chaos from the wedding that was spreading on social media.

Amidst the uproar on social media, the observers did not feel the presence of Mrs. Comfort Place who were waiting patiently to see what would happen at the wedding.

Meanwhile, photos from the wedding between an Abuassi army man and his wife appeared on social media.

In the photos, Mr Agu and his bride Benedicta are seen smiling and exchanging vows in the presence of the clergy, their family members, friends and well-wishers.

He is seen wearing a white suit over black pants and his bride wearing a traditional white wedding gown.

A man was seen in the moment while he put a wedding ring on his wife’s finger, amid the smiles and chants of the worshipers.

Another photo saw the newlyweds seated in beautiful gold-themed couple chairs as they present to congregation.


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