Squeezing out your boils is not safe, here’s why


Boils are caused by an inflammation of a hair follicle or sweat that causes a lot of discomfort to the affected area and person.

A boil usually appears as a hard lump under the skin. It then develops into a firm balloon-like growth under the skin as it fills up with pus. Most people tend to treat their boils because they think it’s easy to treat. If you’re in this category, you need to stop it.It's not safe to pop your boils open by yourself [Pulse Nigeria]It’s not safe to pop your boils open by yourself.

If you develop a boil, you may be tempted to squeeze or pop it (open with a sharp instrument) at home. Do not do this because it’s not safe. The act may allow the infection to spread and make the boil worse. You wouldn’t want that right?

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Your boil may contain bacteria that could be dangerous if not properly treated. Desist from popping it open yourself. If your boil is painful or isn’t healing, have it checked by your doctor.

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