Stop suffocating your v*gina – Women advised


Se$ coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has advised women to stop suffocating their because just like humans, no one enjoys being suffocated.

Having a discussion on how women can deal with vaginal odor, she noted that 90% of the time, vaginal odor in women is caused by the occurrence of infections and there are also a thousand and one factors that cause infections in women. One of which she said is suffocating the vagina.

“I have said before on this show that as a woman, you shouldn’t wear too many undies. Some women can wear panty, wear shorts, wear jeans and sometimes even wear leggings and a short skirt in addition, before wearing an actual dress. Is it good what you’re doing to your” she charged.

She continued: “Your breathes so you must allow it to breathe some good air. As a human, how do you feel like someone tries to suffocate you? Why would you wear a panty when wearing jeans?”

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She, however, noted that it is not advisable to do “wash n wear” because if you do not wear a panty and you allow your vagina direct contact with a trouser or any attire that is not properly dried, the chemicals from the detergent used to wash can also throw off the PH balance of the vagina, which can again cause bacterial infections.

Enlightening on some more factors that can cause vaginal infection and vaginal odor, she mentioned repeating unstained pads or panties while menstruating, wiping the anus down to the vagina after visiting the washroom, sitting on public washrooms, not bathing regularly, not washing down after sex and many other factors.

The sex coach advised that vaginal odor does not care if the lady is rich, poor, ugly, or beautiful, hence appearances should not be a determinant for whether a lady has a vaginal odor or not. She also urged women to take good care of themselves so as not to cause themselves any such embarrassment.

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