Story of how homeless man Gabriel McAdams got his life changed through TikTok

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gabriel mcadams tiktok
gabriel mcadams tiktok

Story of the Gabriel McAdams It is evidence that humanity still cares, even though we live in such difficult times now.

He’s a homeless man who sleeps on the streets, but has moved to TikTok, and Gabriel McAdams appealed to his followers to help him raise money to get him off the streets.

He shared a video of his poor living conditions, everyone was relocated and within a few days, he made donations of $ 60K to his Go Fund Me account.

He said, “My name is Gabriel, I am 25 years old and I have been homeless for over a year now. For the past two days, I slept behind this church (indicating where he currently resides) inside these cardboard boxes. “

He continued: “I used to own a tent that was given to me until a woman saw me living in such a tent and asked if I had a gun and that her father was afraid for his life and after two days my tent was pulled out of the forest.”

Gabriel said in one of his videos that he desperately wanted to get into the military one day and claimed to be sitting next to places he could get free Wi-Fi to use so he could do his homework.

“I do hard work to keep in shape but am looking for an actual job but I need to A new birth certificate Social Security and ID before I was actually assigned. “ he added.

Speaking of how he became homeless, Gabrielle McAdams said on TikTok that this happened because it was raised by my aunt who sold her home and left the state.

After that, he said, he was running a tent in the woods but one day a woman destroyed it.

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He wrote in the Go Fund Me description: “My friend’s aforementioned cousin bought me a tent, and I’ve been living in it and keeping my things there since I started the business my friend got me.

A lady saw me recently leaving the woods from my tent and shouted several times to get my attention as if she was waiting for me and asked me if I had a gun, and if I was alone and that she stayed with her father who said he was afraid, I told her that I did not do it and she had no reason to fear me, I was just A homeless man tries to survive.

I came back to the tent late one night to avoid more meetings and went. The poles used to hang them were broken and thrown aside and next to my blankets, one coat and shoe were all pulled into the tent leaving a trail all the way out of the woods.

He continued: “I’ve been sleeping behind an empty church for the past few days because this was the only place I could find where I wasn’t disturbing anyone. I spend most of my time sitting next to the foodlion using wifi there so I can do my schoolwork and finish my degree so I can leave for the army. I own it fits a bookbag, two blankets, and hygiene products. I am currently looking for another job but I had to get a new ID, birth certificate and Social Security card. “

In other cases for people to believe his story, Gabriel shared step-by-step videos of how to invest money well.

Head to TikTok to thank everyone who helped them. Literally changed his life over night. “

“I can’t remember the last time I was able to shower, wear clean clothes, or eat warm food. I don’t even know what I could do with that amount of money.” He said.

“For the time being, I just plan to stay in school, stay on food, find a place to stay and warm up. he added.

At the end of the day, he was able to lift Total $ 94,806 in donations.

Thanks to everyone who helped


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