Teacher caught s*cking wife’s breast after forgetting to turn off Zoom camera


A Catholic school teacher in Colombia was exposed to a red face after forgetting to stop the Zoom call with his class of teenage students before snuggling up to his wife’s breast.

Robin Dario Barras is a physics teacher at the Educación Educativa San Vicente de Paul Catholic School, in Palmera, Colombia.

In the video, Robin, unaware that he is still in front of the camera, is seen lifting his wife’s blouse before seeming to kiss her left chest while the 16- and 17-year-olds watch.

“Oh my God,” a student at school heard her swing as her teacher wandered with his wife.

Mr. Paras was forced to apologize after the fatal mistake.

He said, “ Some photos were recorded as my wife was arriving to receive the greeting that went viral on the Internet. Of course it was my fault, as I didn’t realize the camera was still on at the end of the class. I didn’t intentionally do this at any point. It was episodic. I want to apologize for the offense.

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School Principal Patricia Doran Cespides has launched an investigation into the accident.

She said: This is a serious matter in which the teacher in charge of the class did an improper act recorded by some students. It later spread on social media.

One viewer – named Lapaty – joked, “ It seems his wife doesn’t enjoy sucking breasts much. Poor man, now the whole world knows that his wife is barely interested.

“I feel sad looking at his wife’s face,” added Pep Dorado. There is no feeling whatsoever in her body. Or does the professor need a lesson in breast sucking.

The video below:

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