The 6 s3x ‘rules’


Sex is seen by many as the main components that have complemented relationships in recent times.

It is also seen as the language that many couples or people related to a relationship often understand with just the blink of an eye or a touch which is often called body chemistry.


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People have different body chemistry, and this leads to some actions that may lead to dangerous emotions. People are influenced by certain things they see and experience, but what many don’t know is the gender norm in relationships.

Lots of people ask what can I do to keep my partner myself? Others also ask what do I do to stimulate my sex life to suit my partner’s desire?

Many people say “I don’t like sex or I hate sex” but is that the case? Obviously not, many people do not actually understand the language of sex. They actually don’t know that there are rules for sex in every relationship.

Here are the rules:

1. Practice a platinum base

Rule number one is the platinum base. This is what you do to your partner and what you expect them to do for you. It’s about treating them right and respecting them in every aspect. You have to know your partner’s body language, once you get to know it make sure to do something extraordinary that will always amaze her.

For example, surprise her by buying her lunch once a week and make sure he has it delivered to him at their various offices. According to Megan Fleming, a sex therapist in New York City and author of Invisible Divorce: Finding Your Way Back to Connection, it is important to treat the partner in a way that you expect him or her to treat you. When you do not respect your partner, they will also lower your respect but when you treat them right, they will also treat you right.

2. Do not compare your sex life to others

This is one of the many mistakes people make in their relationships across the world and especially in Africa. Lots of people think other people are better than they are in bed. This may be the result of exposure to sexual or pornographic content or it may be due to the idea that other spouses or people in a relationship are having more sex than them. People also have a perception that they have a very small penis or very flaccid vagina and that they cannot have sex as better as other people do but this is actually a false perception.

No matter how small or losing your part, you will still have sex well on the basis of the mindset. It depends on how you set your mind to it. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “I have good sex with her, and I give him all the sex he wants” but nevertheless he comes out to cheat. When your partner starts comparing your sex life to others, it means that you are not doing something right, but also it is not recommended to compare your sex life with others as it may be the tool that could cause your separation.

According to Kelly Rankin, a sex therapist in San Francisco, California, when we start comparing ourselves to other people, we often find a way to make ourselves look better or look less than. Long-term sexual contact isn’t about who does it best or who practices it most often. Over time, your sexual contact with your partner will change and grow, and if you are open, it takes you to places you never knew you could go to. You’ll enjoy moments of highs and a pleasant connection, as well as moments of lows and feelings of boredom and separation. Remember, this is normal in a long-term sexual relationship.

3. Focus on what turns you on about your partner, not on turns

Just as discussed in rule 1, knowing your partner well is essential in every relationship. Most men are attracted to certain things that they see just like women. When you can figure out what turns you on when you see your partner, it helps you to know that you are attracted to him every day. You must be intentional when you find your partner (s) attractive or sexually attractive. It’s all too easy to think about the things that keep us from stopping, but we don’t spend enough time focusing on what turns us on. You need to know what turns you on about your partner, if you fail to know what turns you on about your partner, you are still living in “What have you done for me lately?” civilization.

You need to know what attracted you to your partner in the first place and try to create interactions that help replicate these feelings. Think about when you find your partner particularly attractive. Most people turn on when they shower with gifts or when their partners call to check on them. But I have people saying “some Ghanaian ladies get turned on when they get a momo alert, lol” that’s by the way. Some people are also turned on by the dress their partners are wearing, and this can lead to instant sex that can happen on a call, in bathrooms, in malls and many other places. Kimberly Resnick Anderson, a sex therapist in Los Angeles, California, said that being aware of the context and situations in which your partner feels as sexy or attractive, and celebrating this energy is a great way to keep things fresh.

4. Having sex at least once a week

Having sex in a relationship these days is very normal but still other people consider it sacred thing and should not be practiced. People have been in relationships for over six years without even seeing their partners’ underwear. Studies show that related people or couples who have sex once a week have a higher level of relationship satisfaction than people in a relationship or couples who have sex less than once a week. Sex also produces a physiological and psychological twilight that can last for days. And remember, it’s not just how often you have sex, but how you interact with each other. Different types of sex produce different benefits.

There is sex that enhances a feeling of emotional connection (making love), sex that expands our sense of creativity and imagination, there is sex that appeals directly to our senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell) and there is sex that occurs only for the sake of having sex or relieving some stress (such as Quick spanking or even taking the time to masturbate). Therefore, try to be consistent in repetition and varied in approach and keep your sexual expectations high. Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of “It Comes First: A Thinking Man’s Guide to Making a Woman Happy,” said sometimes if you’re not in the mood you have to put your body through the movements and have confidence that the mind will follow you.

5. Schedule an appointment for the night

You always have sex at home, whether in your partner’s place or where you are, have you ever tried sex outside your home? People don’t know you can have sex on the beach or even in the pool but it has to be late at night depending on the community in which you find yourself. If you find yourself in some parts of Africa, society will criticize you for having sex and having sex in broad daylight at the beach or pool. Once a month or a year, splurge at a hotel so you can have sex at the hotel. The novelty of having sex in a new and unfamiliar place will activate dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is the same neurochemical responsible for the pleasure rush. Any new activity (trying a new sport, new food, visiting a new place) activates dopamine, says Kimberly Resnick Anderson.

6. “The external sphere”

People always have intercourse every time but have never considered having sex. All they do is go straight and hop on their partners and have sex but have you tried to do something that goes beyond mere intercourse? For most of us, intercourse is often the main entry on our sex list. Outercourse is also known as oral sex, manual stimulation, and other forms of touch and direct clitoral stimulation that are positioned as a back burn. Ditching intercourse from the menu is like going for vegetarians and realizing just how much other healthy and fun options out there are for meats.

Recent studies show that most women prefer a high degree of clitoral stimulation for orgasm. Ian Kerner explains that prioritizing the outdoor path allows you to discover new paths of pleasure that are sometimes off the beaten path. You have to make your partner feel comfortable in bed and satisfy him to reach sexual desire. In Ghana, many girls pretend to be satisfied with their sexual relations even if they do not do so but are unable to tell their partners that they have not enjoyed sex. This is because their partners failed to stimulate them with the formula of external intercourse before the initiation of intercourse. It is very important that we try to external communication in every relationship because it makes the relationship healthy.

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