Things You Can Do To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer


3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Dealing with low battery when you have serious matters to attend to can be really frustrating.

At times, you need to spend a very long time charging your phone just to avoid getting your battery down to the last bar in the middle of a very important discussion.

If you are someone who has been going through the frustration of battery drainage, then this article is for you.


Sit back while I take you through some things you can do to give your phone a long lasting battery experience.

1. Lower The Brightness Of Your Phone Screen

Battery drainage is at its peak when the brightness of your screen is extremely high.


It is therefore advisable to lower the brightness of your phone screen when using it to save you the embarrassment of having to drain your battery to the last bar.

2. Close All Running/Background Apps

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While you concentrate on using one particular app on your phone, there are some apps that continue to run at the background.


These apps equally drain your battery because as they are still active and working like the running app you are using.

This makes it easy for these backgrounds apps to drain your battery since they also have work to do and hence require energy from your battery.

Always make it a point to close all background apps from time to time.


3. Avoid Having To Many Displays And Pop Up Notifications On Your Phone

There are some particular phones have several displays like themes and pop up notifications that show even when the phone is not in use.

You should bear in mind that even when your phone is charging, these high definition displays could be still be draining your battery without your knowledge.

Do well to reduce excessive themes and pop up notifications to save your battery from unanticipated drainage.

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