This is what will happen to your WhatsApp if you don’t update it by tomorrow


Users who have not yet accepted the new terms and conditions for the WhatsApp messaging platform will start receiving “persistent” reminders after the May 15 deadline.

The changes primarily relate to the way companies interact with customers.

Since it was announced, in January, there have been concerns about a possible increase in data sharing with WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook, but that won’t change.

The company said most of the app’s 2 billion users had already accepted it.

Those who don’t will start losing their jobs – from not being able to see chat lists to ending with no calls and video messages – but no accounts will be deleted.

After the January announcement, users threatened to boycott the app and rival platforms like Telegram and Signal saw a record download.

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But WhatsApp said it was a victim of “disinformation”.

WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted, so they can only be read on the sender and recipient devices.

WhatsApp said the data it shared with other Facebook companies included:

  • Phone number and other information provided upon registration (such as name)
  • Information about users’ phones, including make, model and mobile phone company
  • IP address, which indicates where users are connected to the Internet
  • Any payments and financial transactions made via WhatsApp

But this does not apply in Europe and the United Kingdom, where there are different privacy laws.

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