Time management for students


Probably you’ve heard the statement time is money, but actually what is time itself. Time is a period during which an action, process or condition exist. Time is the standard of measurement of our day, our lives, and even our finance, hence the statement time is money so whoever makes the most money in a given frame of time is considered richer, for instance it takes 10 years for someone to get 1 million dollars but it takes someone else 1 day. Someone may ask how is time even my problem?, time is your problem because your very existence depends on it, your age and even your achievements in life depend on time.

Time Management
Time Management
We should remember that anything we do with our time becomes a habit, both to our usual life and to how we use this valuable resource of time, time cannot be carried forward so first of all we must learn to stop procrastination, we must build a good character towards time or else it will cost us more time to fix it and that is pain no one wants to go through.

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The best time of your life to learn time management is where your decisions don’t necessarily affect others, this is a time to learn how to value and use time well, this makes the student stage of our lives very suitable for this exercise.

It’s actually easier than it seems and sounds, it is just a side product of discipline and value of time. Some of the basics to have a very good attitude towards time are ;

1. Plan your time.

Time is like money, once it is in your hand you must know what exactly you want to achieve with it else you will end up buying things that aren’t valuable and in the long run blow everything away, as a student plan when you will do your assignments when you will revise and even when you will have breaks, this helps you to even realise you have more time than you actually thought, we all have 24 hours yes, but only those who plan have a full use of these hours.

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2. Do what is necessary first.

When you have a million dollars I am not sure it will be mentally sound to buy a sports car with all the money while you don’t have a home or even food to eat, but sadly that’s what people do with time, they time as their wishes move them and not by what is necessarily the case. They do the unnecessary things only to realise they have no time to do their assignments and projects, which doesn’t help them achieve their aim of coming to school.

3. Leave time to release stress.

See stress to be obstacles to how you use your time, stress does nothing but make you while away time in confusion, stress basically feels like a frozen computer, obviously its is using electricity and still not producing and information or response. We should learn to overcome stress by getting hobbies and also dedicating some time to enjoy these hobbies.

4. Associate with people who value your time.

There is a saying that bad company destroys good morals, same way bad company destroys good plans. When you have friends who do not respect your time you need to sacrifice more time to cover for them, usually these friends don’t have priorities and don’t mind spreading the disease of procrastination to us whenever they have the chance, make sure to do a sweep through in your friends list and make a big decision to remove all the time wasters from that list, not necessarily to cut them off but to let them know their limits, feel free to welcome them whenever they understand to value time.

Time as we see it runs the world, it is not money that makes the world go round but time, one who knows how to use time knows how to spin his world and is in control of whatever comes in or goes out and also the results he sees, it is very important for us to be the people in control of our world and not to make others be the controllers, also we must seek to know which speeds at which will be comfortable for us hence we should practice good time management skills.

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