Top Private SHS To Attend If You Want To Pass WASSCE Without Stress

Top Private SHS To Attend If You Want To Pass WASSCE Without Stress


Top Private SHS To Attend If You Want To Pass WASSCE Without Stress

In recent years, attending a senior high school that is government owned has become the norm of the day.

Each and every student who completes his basic education at the junior high level aims at attending one of the best government owned senior high schools in country.

Just as some students prefer attending senior high schools that are owned by the government, others prefer getting their wards enrolled in senior high schools that are owned by private entities.


The main reason behind this preference varies from person to person. Some say it is because of the attention given to the students during class hours.

Others believe some private senior high schools offer serene educational environment as compared to government schools.

Whether or not this ideology I true, it is very clear some private senior high schools have risen to the core to graduate some of the best SHS leavers in recent times.


When we mention private senior high schools that have produced the best students who have excelled in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), there’s a handful of names that come to mind.

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One of these schools are Ideal College. The institution has become so popular that, students enrolled in it are more less more prioritized that students from some popular public schools.

Aside Ideal College, we can look at schools like Action Progressive Institute and Preset Pacesetters.

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Though the aforementioned schools have really gained a reputation for their schools, they are not the only schools that have the best records in terms of WASSCE results.

In case you just stepped in town and you are looking for a private senior high school that can help your ward make the best grades out of his WASSCE, then worry no more.

I will giving you a list of some reputable private senior high schools you can enroll your ward in.

  1. Ideal College
  2. Action Progressive Institute
  3. Bright Senior High School
  4. St. Andrews Senior High
  5. Preset Pacesetters Senior High School
  6. Joy International School
  7. Rev. John Teye Memorial School
  8. Savior Senior High School
  9. His Majesty Academy
  10. St. Peters Anglican SHS
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