Tracy Boakye says, she regret joining trolls on “Papa no”

Tracy Boakye says, she regret joining trolls on "Papa no"

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Tracy Boakye says, she regret joining trolls on “Papa no”

Popular Kumawood actor and movie producer Tracey Boakye has disclosed her greatest regret in the year 2020

On her show, she opened up on a lot of incidents that happened within the year 2020. According to the actress, she has full regrets for stooping so low to wallow herself into dramatic incidence that took place in 2020.

She disclosed that if there’s anything she regrets and would like to take back if given the opportunity is her response to distractors amidst the “Papa No” saga that made headlines during the campaign and election season in 2020.

She further stated that she feels bad any time she remembers those incidents and has not gathered the courage to watch some of the videos she made on Instagram to hurl insults at distractors over the issue of the “Papa No” that went viral.

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Tracy Boakye

“My biggest regret in life which I wish I could go back to correct is the way I responded to people amid the papa No saga last year. Up till now, I’ve not mustered enough courage to go back to watch some of the videos I did. I don’t think I can ever watch any of them” she said.

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