Two SHS Lovebirds Exchange Kisses and Hugs In Classroom Surface Online [Watch Now]


Two lovebirds have gone the extra mile by sealing their relationship with a promise ring. They then went on to exchange passionate kisses and hugs as the very elated girl flaunted her ring.

The video gives an account of two high school students who believe a promise ring would make a huge statement about their relationship and how far they wish to go as lovers.

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In the company of unconcerned classmates, the girl received the promise ring from the gentleman, took time to admire it and planted a kiss on his lips. The smile on her face spoke volumes about how much she loved the moment.

High school love has always been a common phenomenon but research has shown that most of these relationships end shortly after completion. In order to avert that, the two lovebirds have sealed their relationship with a promise ring.
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