UCC Mature Undergraduate Admissions – 2021/2022


Acceptance of mature candidates into first-degree programs for the 2021/2022 academic year

Appropriately qualified applications are invited Mature candidates For admission to first-degree programs at the University of Cape Coast for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Applicants must purchase electronic vouchers for the applications offered for sale at the centers listed below:

1.0 Sales centers

a. Office of the Treasurer, University of Cape Coast (Payment method – Cash)

B. University of Cape Coast – Accra office, Ticano – Accra)Payment method – Cash)

C. IJ Consult, Millennium City (Off Pentecost Convention Center Road), Kasoa (Payment method – Cash)

Dr.. Ghana Post Company Limited (Regional Capitals and Districts) – (Payment method – Cash)

e. All network branches of GCB Bank nationwide

F. All branches of the ADB network nationwide

G. All branches of the GT Bank network nationwide

H. All branches of the ARB Apex Bank network nationwide

I. All Republic Bank network branches nationwide

J. All branches of the unified bank network nationwide

K. All network branches of Prudential Bank nationwide

to. All branches of the network of Zenith Bank nationwide

The cost of electronic vouchers (Application fee)

  1. Domestic applicants – 220.00 GHz

The e-voucher sales deadlines for submitting applications and submitting completed application forms are Friday May 7, 2021 and Friday April 14, 2021 respectively.

2.0 Online applications

  1. Applicants must visit application.ucc.edu.gh Then click Regular programs / distance learning graduation application and proceed with the application process. Applicants must choose Mature type of application.

Applicants are advised to read the application instructions very carefully before completing the online application form. They have to do a good job of verifying the SSSCE / WASSCE scores.

3.0 Entry requirements for adult candidates

Applicants seeking admission as mature candidates must;

I. Be at least twentyFive (25) From before May 142021. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate of not less than Five (5) Years from the day the application form was completed must be attached to the application materials.

Second. You have any of the following:

a. Minimum high school diploma

B. Teacher certification. ‘a’

C. NVTI certified

Dr.. NABPTEX certified


A) Applicants who do not have credit certificates in English and Mathematics at the SSSCE / WASSCE or GCE ‘O’ level will be required to register for and pass special exams in those subjects after paying a fee of Gw. 60.00.00 For each topic.

B) All applicants are also required to pay GW 250.00 To cover the cost of the exam and the fees for preparatory classes

C) (a) and (b) above are payable on arrival.

4.0 accepted test

4.1 Major papers

The main exams for the candidates include;

I. General paper

Second. Aptitude test

4.2 Special / practical papers

I. Special examinations in Maths And the English Language For candidates who do not have credit passes at the GCE ‘O’ level (Grade 6 or above) or WASSCE / SSSCE (Grade C6 / D or better).

Second. The practical examinations for candidates applying for the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education programs (Health, Physical Education and Recreation) will be conducted on a date communicated to the successful applicants.

4.3 Examination dates

I. Thursday 3 June 2021 – Public Paper and Capacity Test

Second. Friday 4 June 2021 – Special Papers in Mathematics and English

4.4 Preparatory classes

Preparatory classes will be offered to all applicants by the university From Monday May 17, 2021 to Tuesday, June 1, 2021 in selected subjects to enhance their chances of passing the entrance examination. Applicants are expected to submit a report to campus on Sunday May 15, 2021. An orientation program for all applicants will be held on Monday May 17, 2021 at 9:00 AM at the CA Ackah Lecture Theater 2 (CAALT 2) prior to the commencement of the preparatory classes. All applicants are expected to participate in the mentoring program.

4.5 Accommodation

Applicants are encouraged to make their own accommodation arrangements with halls of residence (Subsidized rate of ten Ghana cedis per nightOn the northern campus of the university (the new location) for the period of preparatory classes and exams.

4.6 Placement of successful applicants

Successful applicants will be placed, upon admission, at level 100 of the programs of their choice.

5.0 Submit completed online application forms

(a) Copies of completed application forms must be sent online (confirmation pages) accompanied by copies of voucher (s) results, birth certificate, payment receipts or receipts, transcripts (where applicable) and other relevant documents by mail and not delivered by hand.

CDeleted online application forms must reach Director of the Directorate of Academic Affairs (DAA), University of Cape Coast No later than Friday, May 14, 2021.

Applicants should ensure that copies of application forms are published early enough to be received before the application deadline as forms received after the deadline will not be processed.

(B) No additional documents will be accepted after the submission of completed application forms. Applicants should only note this Copies of certificates or results slips (non-returnable) Completed forms must be attached. Accepted applicants will be screened for original certificates / result slips prior to registration.

Program change will not be accepted after submitting the application form.

6.0 Programs available for the academic year 2021/2022

Mature candidates are advised to choose only the programs listed below.

Collage of Arts
BA (Arts)
BA (African Studies)
BA (Communication Studies)
BA (Theater Studies)
BA (Dance)
Bachelor (Chinese)
Faculty of Social Sciences
Bachelor (Tourism Management)
BA (Population and Health)
BA (Anthropology)
Bachelor of Science (Social Sciences)
Bachelor (Hospitality Management)
College of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
Bachelor of Commerce (Management)
Bachelor of Commerce (Procurement and Supply Chain Management)
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)
Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Education
Bachelor of Ed (Arts)
Bachelor of Ed (Social Sciences)
B.Ed (Social Studies)
B.Ed (Administration)
Bachelor of Accounting)
Faculty of Science and Technology Education
B.Ed (Health, Physical Education and Recreation)
B.Ed (Science)
BSc Ed (Computer Science)
B.Ed (Mathematics)
B.Ed (Home Economics)
Bed. (Communication Design)
Bachelor of Fine Arts Education (Painting and Sculpture)
Faculty of Education
B.Ed (General Secondary Education)
B.Ed (Elementary Education)
B.Ed (Early Childhood Education)
BA (Psychology)
School of Agriculture
Bachelor (Agriculture)
Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness)
Bachelor’s degree (Agricultural Processing)
BA (Animal Production)
BA (Agricultural Extension and Community Development)

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