University of Ghana Legon 2021/2022 Online Admission Application

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University of Ghana Legon 2021/2022 admission online Application procedures, details of admission requirements, cut-off points, courses and fees.

Gone are the days when students used to spend a lot of time on waiting lists just to submit their enrollment forms. Nowadays, most educational institutions choose online enrollment services and the University of Ghana, Lygon is not far behind. Located in Lygon, this university can help start a career that will land you in a satisfying field.

What distinguishes this university is that apart from having a main campus in Lyon; It also has other branches in different parts of Ghana. This means that you can choose a campus near you and still get the knowledge and skills from experienced and qualified lecturers.

University of Ghana Legon 2021/2022 Online Admission Application?

Who is eligible for University of Ghana Legon Online ordering?
The University of Ghana welcomes all eligible students from all over the world and all backgrounds, regardless of whether they are from small cities, crowded urban centers, private or public schools. The university also accepts students with disabilities on a privileged basis.

University of Ghana Legon online admission application 2021/2022
University of Ghana Legon online admission application 2021/2022

The University of Ghana, Lygon is one of the few universities in Africa eligible to teach nuclear engineering and nuclear physics programs. As this educational institution is the largest public university in Ghana, it attracts some of the brightest and most talented students. Therefore, after submitting your application online to Legon, the school will carefully review each submission and grant admission to students who wish to achieve academic excellence, broaden the boundaries of their talents and acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become competent leaders in the respective fields. So what should you consider in your application?

Admission requirements for Lygon
When it comes to the University of Ghana, Lygon, the most important consideration for admission requirements is the cut-off points for each course. An approved stopping point ensures that out of the tons of requests sent, only those who meet the cut-off points specified in their preferred course are accepted. It also serves as a guide for aspirants to the University of Ghana, Lyon to choose courses that match their grades.

University of Ghana Legon 2021/2022 Online Admission Application

Cut points for the various undergraduate courses offered at the University of Ghana are grouped on whether your preferred program is the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Health Sciences, or the College of Humanities. For example, the cut-off points for undergraduate admission to the University of Ghana 2018 for Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering are 11, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science is 20, and Bachelor of Arts in Education 24 while for Bachelor of Laws, the break point is 7. Before submitting your application online to the University of Ghana Legon, be sure to meet the points cut for the program you want. Here are some of the programs offered at this university and their break points.

University of Ghana, Legon cut 2020 points for the College of Health Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery 7
  2. Bachelor of Nursing 8
  3. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 6
  4. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences 10
  5. Bachelor of Pharmacy 8
  6. Cutting points for programs in the College of Education
  7. Bachelor of Science, Information Technology and Distance Education 30
  8. Bachelor of Science in Education 24
  9. Bachelor of Science in Administration and Distance Education 26
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Education 24
  11. Bachelor of Arts and Distance Education 30
  12. Breaking points for programs in the College of Humanities
  13. Bachelor of Fine Arts 24
  14. Bachelor. Regular management 8
  15. Bachelor of Arts – Business / Science / Professional Background 12
  16. Bachelor. 22- Pay the administrative fees
  17. Bachelor of Laws 7
  18. Cut points for courses offered in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences
  19. Bachelor of Actuarial Science 12
  20. Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering 10
  21. Bachelor. Marine Science and Fisheries 24
  22. Bachelor. Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology 12
  23. Bachelor. Nutrition and Food Science 20
    If you meet the cut points, the next step is to register online at Legon. Submitting the application online has reduced the time this university requires to review all applications. Even if you fulfill the mentioned requirements, you need to submit your application as soon as possible because the applicant’s preferred choice is subject to space availability. Any applicant can obtain admission in a course for which he did not apply, based on the requirements of the department during the admission process in that year.

University of Ghana Legon online admission application 2021/2022

Undergraduate mature admission application
Due to the need to provide education to all students and enhance knowledge in the community, the University of Ghana offers mature entry programs. You are eligible for the Adult Entrance Program if:

You are 25 years and over
She completed high school but took some time before going to university
Not have any relevant academic qualification during the past several years that can be used as a basis for admission to the university
You write and pass the entrance examination offered by the University of Ghana.
To write this exam, you must register for the School Preparatory Course and pay the GHC 400 Exam and Registration Fee. The University of Ghana has 11 Learning Centers through which students can take their preparatory courses.

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You can register for preparatory courses at any of the learning centers of the School of Continuing and Distance Education which include the Accra UG Education Center, the Kumasi UG Education Center and the Koforidua UG Education Center. After passing the entrance exam, you will then have to purchase an electronic voucher that will make you eligible to fill out the Legon application form online.

Ghana Legon University Online Application for Undergraduates
Undergraduates to apply for Legon online can be divided into two groups: Ghanaian applicants and international applicants including students applying from abroad.

University of Ghana Legon online admission application 2021/2022

Ghanaian applicants online

While the University of Ghana Legon fees vary depending on the course, Ghanaians can submit their application online using the e-voucher that costs 200 GHC. Payment can be made at various banks such as Fidelity Bank, Ecobank, Agricultural Development Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank and Zenith Bank. In any of these banks, WASSSCE / SSSCE applicants will include their names as they appear on identification cards, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers on the voucher.

The voucher will then be used to submit the form online, and those wishing to transfer from diploma to degree will need to purchase the e-voucher and scan and attach their certificates, transcripts, and certified copies of ‘O’ and ‘A level certificates in the online Legon application form.

Legon online app for international students
Whether you are a Ghanaian applying from abroad or an international student, you can still pursue your education at the University of Ghana. However, unlike WASSSCE / SSSCE applicants, international students will not purchase the e-voucher. These students will need to pay a non-refundable $ 110 processing fee and attach the payment slip and your certificates to their application form.

Legon online app for international students

When it comes to determining your higher education studies, the University of Ghana Legon has a lot of options that you can choose from and apply through the Legon online form. Whether it’s a diploma, degree, mature education, PhD, MSc and even online education, this institution has it all. If you prefer to complete the ideal course in the comfort of your own home, then choose the distance learning education offered by the University of Ghana.

University of Ghana Legon online admission application 2021/2022

Entry requirements for admission to distance learning, including totals, will vary depending on the specific program you wish to pursue. The processing fee will also vary depending on whether you are a Ghanaian or international applicant.

Students around the world choose graduate studies to improve their career prospects. According to research, people with postgraduate qualifications have higher chances of getting a job and tend to earn higher wages than undergraduates. You can improve your salary and skills by enrolling at the University of Ghana. Postgraduate admission to the University of Ghana requires a first degree with a minimum of a second class. Some postgraduate courses require work experience so it is best to contact the department with any inquiries. For example, one of the requirements needed to qualify for admission to the MBA in Management Information System is that applicants must have two years’ work experience in an IT environment.

At Legon University, the one-year master’s program and the two-year Master of Philosophy (MPhil) two-year programs are full-time programs while the PhD takes four years full-time or six years as a part-time program. For the University of Legon Online application for a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil), only graduates of the University of Ghana who are at least 10 years old are eligible for this degree. If you hold a PhD in any of the medical fields and have less than 5 years of service, then you are eligible for a Doctor of Medicine degree. Students who wish to obtain a master’s degree for example, in actuarial science should be able to afford the University of Ghana fees, which can cost up to GH 4, 971.50 per semester. For other non-work related programs, the fee for each semester is GH ¢ 4, 573.50.

University of Ghana Legon 2021/2022 Online Admission Application

The University of Ghana Legon The online application makes it easy for students to apply for admission to graduate studies. Applicants who have not graduated from the University of Ghana but wish to pursue their postgraduate degrees can do so by submitting their scanned transcripts and bachelor’s degree through the online Legon portal. Those who graduated from this university are required to attach only a Bachelor’s degree. Before your application can be processed, you will have to pay a non-refundable fee, which will serve as evidence of your interest in postgraduate studies. Also, you may be required to take an entrance exam or attend an interview to assess your eligibility.

Prospective University of Ghana students are advised to check the admission requirements for Legon as well as University of Ghana stops carefully and ensure that they have worked harder to meet these requirements in order to increase their chances of gaining admission.


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