Video of how Agradaa performs ‘sika gari ritual’ pops up

Nana Agrada
Nana Agrada

A video showing how the famous traditional priestess, Nana Agrada, who was born Patricia Azido performing her “Sika Gary” ritual is spreading on social media.

In the video, the priestess is seen sitting in what looks like a tomb while looking after a man who came to see her asking for “help.”

The man said he came looking for better wealth and wealth because poverty had turned him into an enemy for his family.

Next, Nana Agrada asked her assistant for a huge bowl, placed it in front of her, and covered it with a piece of cloth.

Then she uncovered the bowl midway and poured what looked like powder into the bowl and covered it all over again.

Then Agrada led the man to perform some spells while her assistant constantly ringed the bell.

Within seconds, Agrada revealed the bowl and it was filled to the brim with different classes of cedis.

Watch the video below

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