Why didn’t God kill Satan straight away but sacrificed His Son Jesus to die for us?



The victim asks why God refused to kill Satan and was forced to sacrifice his only son, Jesus Christ, to die for us?

One Twitter user, Caligay, asked Christians why God had not used his power to kill Satan and had to sacrifice Jesus instead.

His question was as follows: “Why did God not kill Satan immediately but rather sacrifice his Son, Jesus, to die for us?”


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See the screenshot below:

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His controversial question provoked the following reactions:

  • “Is this even necessary? If you don’t believe in God, let us believe.
  • Why did he throw him at us when he already knew that we could not confront this man ??
  • Because Satan made allegations against him in front of humanity. And he is a better ruler of the world, so God had to allow us to see the result of demons dominating the world, which is the current state of our world today, and to see Satan’s accusations against him false.
  • Ah like how? Is it not the same God who created Satan? So God never knew that one day he would hit him
  • Satan is not a human being. Spirits do not die.
  • Does the soul die in the sight of God either? But those who take 666, God will completely burn their souls and souls


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