Why Obuasi is trending number one on twitter [Read]

Obuasi wedding ceremony
Obuasi wedding

The story of a military man who got married today, Saturday 20 March 2021, spread on social media.

After the pre-wedding photos were published, a young lady came claiming to have spent more than 38,000 EGP on the man just to get rid of it.

Their wedding received attention due to some claims by another lady, Comfort Bliss Gh, that he had deserted her for Benedicta after spending too much money on him.

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In a novel under the comments section of a post by famous relationship counselor, Abina Manukami, Miss Bliss claimed that she spent her 30k savings on the gentleman and took an additional loan of GHc8k to see him during military conscription.

During his graduation party, she said she hosted the entire family of the guy named Richard Ago and takes care of them to ensure everything goes well.

After his successful death, Mr. Agu was not paid for seven months due to some delays, and throughout that time, I supported him and made sure he was fine.

However, on September 24, 2017, he came to her and gave her GHC500.00. He said he owed her a lot and would do well to return the rest of the money.

She said that Mr. Ago stopped answering her calls after that and always argued that he was busy with one thing or the other. Her account came after pre-wedding photos of Mister Agu and his new woman appeared. The wedding took place in Obuasi.

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