Yaw Tog has lost over 40,000 real fans for delivering poor on ‘United Showbiz’ show – DJ Slim speaks

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From the look of things, a group of our musicians ride fake noises as in reality, they have no apparent talent – musically.


And Kumerican Yaw Tog could not be excluded from the list of such works who make fake noise but do not have critical musical talent.

The separation is weak in reference to any music, however, identified by accidental fame after the song “Sore” was dropped.

Many also believe that he falls short of a contemporary rapper or performer even though he has a hit song “Sore” in which UK-based Ghanaian rapper Stromzi performed the remix.

Over the weekend, Yaw Tog appeared on Showbiz on UTV hosted by Nana Ama McBrown, but when Yaw Tog was given the microphone to excite fans and viewers with a live performance, he performed poorly and poorly.

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Hence, many believe that Yaw Tog is young and needs a lot of guidance, hence he needs to focus on his education right now and work in the background to polish his craft.

In the back of this, DJ Slims of ABN Radio 1 categorically stated that Yaw Tog has lost more than 40,000 fans due to poor submissions on ‘United Showbiz’ hosted by Nana Ama McBrown.

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So DJ Slim advised that the young man’s management forbade him from interviewing to avoid further shame so that Yaw Tog could have enough time to work his craft.

Video below:


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